All About Me

When the lecturer told me to write “All About Me” ah I think it is quite embarrassing :(.. But I kept writing it and found that it was already 3 pages.. WOW !!

Yia..this is “All About Me” 🙂

Me & My Family

Family TreesMy name is Nurul Hidayah.. My friends call me Nurul or Uyung.. I was born in Jakarta on July 10, 1991..

My dad was a treasure of the RW..  My mom was a entrepreneur and a housewife very well..  I’m the first of two brothers..  I have a younger brother who is 3 years old under me..

Because I’m a cancer,  so I including kind of stubbornly person (the nature of cancer hehehee).. I also kind of moody person, impatient, and jealous but a good-nature, not arrogant, also like to help :D..

My grandfather who is incredibly hard, especially if for religious affairs.. Hence to name me just hard once and that was approved by him..

Ya !! “Nurul Hidayah” which means the light of guidelines..

For my mom give birth to me might be the worst experience for her.. Because it is very difficult to bore me coupled with sustained high blood.. Even the doctor said that one of us would not have survived but it turned out of God..  Me and my mom survived and healthy until now.. Alhamdulillah ^^


I was a beautiful woman.. My dad would always made me into model when i small with beautiful dresses and cute shoes.  But when traveling, I would definitely wear t-shirts with jeans and pantofel shoes like my younger brother.. We like a twin..

Because childhood like that, until now I don’t like to wear skirts.. I think it’s very nasty and not comfortable to move..

Me & My Hobbies

I love reading comics, novel, and books of any kind which it’s not boring.. I love all kinds of books especially about detective, adventure, mystery and funny stories..

Half of My Collection BooksFor comics, I collected the series of Detective Conan that everyone said “still like that comics??meanwhile story never ending”.. Yes, it’s true.. But want how I already love with the serial and until now there is still much tricks given in the serial that I couldn’t guess..

I also like Naruto that is just the same with Detective Conan there has not been ending.. I like Death note too..

Many of the serials Japanese that I like, although I’m not a anime lovers :))

For novels, I like best seller such as “5cm” which teach about the meaning of friendship and novel “2”  which teach about the power of patient.. And of course the series of Sherlock Holmes :))

And today I was reading a book about grammar Korean who have not done because there ‘s no time 😦

I really like listening to music, watching movie until variety show..


For musics, I like Kahitna and Dygta.. Kahitna & Dygta

For Indonesian movies,

I like Laskar Pelangi.. I think it’s the best movie in Indonesia..


I really love SHINee, Super Junior, BEAST, Big Bang, Lessang, 2NE1, and Secret.. More boy bands and girl bands that I like than who dislike..  The new songs of SHINee and Big Bang was very wonderful..  truly become entertainment for me ^^

Korean drama also not boring as Indonesian patron because the episodes are not too much and the story also interesting..

Now I am more infatuated with “Running Man”..  This Korean variety show is very popular.. I never bored watching from episode 1 to the latest which 87..


I love Linkin Park, Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance..WOW!! shocked??

Yes.. I really love energetic songs, noisy songs which I think is songs of this kind can spoken to the heart

when that is sad rather than jazz songs..

A lot of movies that I like such as the series of Twilight, Mission Impossible, etc… I love action movies..


I love the Japanese detective series like Detective Conan and Galileo..  I also love the drama Hanazakari Kimitachi..

Me & My Aspirations

First, I want to be a doctor then changed when the high school I want to be a stewardess incorrectly entered school 😀

And now I really want to work on the Indonesia stock exchange (IDX).. I am very interested about the capital markets but my mother told me to work in a bank that later after graduate 😦

Ok …It’s a little bit that I can tell you about myself..  Sorry if it is too long..  Thank you ^^


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