My Opinion of News (Raise FUEL Prices)

My opinion:

Yesterday , when watching the news on television my dad said “has started like the days of Soeharto regime”.. Think of the Suharto regime’s words I immediately remembered the novel “2” which described the circumstances of that time..  It was very scary..

I don’t care whether these problems only for political or not, because I very don’t like political..

For problems of raise FUEL prices, anybody pro and contra.. Somebody said that the president fear of foreigners if to raise FUEL prices and many more opinion..

I so remember my lecturer told me “Indonesia was supposed to be rich because of the FUEL but the problem is Indonesia didn’t have this great place that can accommodate the FUEL..  And the biggest refinery in Singapore..  Otherwise utilized by the Singapore, so Indonesia as just being a servant..  And Singapore in the hands of United Kingdom and the United Kingdom are in the hands of United State”..

FUEL not go up, the prices of basic needs has jumped up..  These things that it might be feared the people..

But let us look on the positive side..

As expressed by the world bank that there are 4 reasons why the government should raised fuel oil prices, which is this:

The first reason, that in order to have more money for shopping needs of the community, because better FUEL subsidies diverted to build the infrastructure of electricity which still lagging compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.

The second reason, wrong FUEL subsidies target..  With fuel prices cheap, thus getting huge subsidies is people using the car..  Non-residents who should get subsidies, such as a ojek and bajaj driver..

The third reason, prices of international crude oil currently has skyrocketed to be pressing fiscal Indonesia..  Surely this makes State budget to be unhealthy..

The last reason, in the medium and long term, the price of world crude oil will continue to rise above ground level..  This makes each country had to adjust fuel prices..

Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo exposes a number of reasons why the prices of fuel oil (FUEL) subsidized should go up..  he said “One of them because there are surges consumption”..

The surge in consumption is due to subsidized fuel prices in Indonesia are somewhat cheaper which resulted in many hoarding and smuggling..  People who are able to buy FUEL nonsubsidized also are tempted to use it because of the difference in price is very much..

I think there is no harm also raised fuel oil prices, because if we see in other countries such as Norway who took a big tax of fuel prices so they are included in the most expensive FUEL but their biggest revenue from oil exports..  Same with Denmark and Netherlands, they are also included in the country with the most expensive FUEL..  Because the FUEL is expensive, the people in that country are not too interested in buying a motor vehicle and prefer walk …

Yes … even though it ‘s not fair if compare Indonesia with developed countries..  But there is the positive side, right??  One of them is that if a motor vehicle is reduced then the traffic jam can be overcome.



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