Review Running Man Ep. 94

Running Man Ep. 94

When I first saw review of this episode at the end of episode 93, I said directly “WOW!!!dae bak!! Next episode will make me laughing so hard until my stomach hurts”..And when I watch this episode that I said yesterday is right 😀

This episode concept is “wedding race”, but Kim Jong Kook oppa (the winner of survival race in episode 93) would get to choose everyone’s couple as the advantage for the winner..

Oo ya I’m forget hehe..

The guest in this episode are the member of famous girl groups (certainly made the members of Running Man hysterically except Ji Hyo eonni surely 😀 )..They are Suzy (Miss-A), Seungyeon (KARA), Gyuri (KARA), Hyuna (4minute) and Krystal (f(x))..

The difference between “this couple race” with “the other couple race” is the members & guests are getting married (they wear wedding dress *aaahh Gary Oppa so handsome :D*)..

In the morning when the grooms wake up, they will saw an envelope in the front of door which contains their name and their couple made by Jong Kook oppa..

And this is list of the couple that makes by Jong Kook oppa…

Running Man Wedding Race

HaHa ♥  Suzy

Kim Jong Kook ♥ Hyuna

Ji Suk Jin  Song Ji Hyo

Kang Gary  Krystal

Yoo Jae Suk  Seungyeon

Lee Gwang Soo  Gyuri

After they know who their couple, they give 100 seconds to find their couple and take back to the lodgment..If they can’t finish in 100 seconds, their couple will drink the flower tea which makes they switch to old lady (like drama “Secret Garden”)..

This wedding race divided into 4 steps are..

  1. There is a quiz and the winner will gets the electronics..The each electronics has questions..Firstly the couples choose the  electronic and must answer the question..If they can’t answer correctly the other couples have opportunity to get the electronic if they answer correctly..
  2. Wedding photos..the couples take a picture holding a bouquet..they must be inside the heart shape in order for them to succeed..
  3. Bridge wedding match..the grooms must lift their bride and run to the fist flag in 10 seconds to pass..If they fail they will have to go to next flag and then the other one..For the second mission is the grooms must lift up and down their bride 7 times in 10 seconds to pass..
  4. Removing the couple gloves..they must take off the other couples gloves to put them out..And they are out if they removes the glove or if they hands separate..And for the first place, the couple give a reflecting bracelet (if the opposite team remove their glove, the reflecting bracelet will puts out the opposite team that removes their glove)..

Gary Oppa & Krystal

And the winner is Kang Gary  Krystal..the gift for the winner wedding race is an ornate tiara in pure gold to the winning bride..

If you want watch this episode, open this link please ^^

Running Man Ep. 94

Enjoy guys 🙂


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