Factors that Influence Consumer Behavior

The goal of marketing is to meet and satisfy the needs and desires of the customers are better than the competitors..Consumer behavior is the study of how individuals, groups, organizations in selecting, buying, using, and positioning of goods, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy their needs and desires..

Consumer studies give clues to improve and introduce products or services, set the price, channel planning, composing messages, and develop other marketing activities including in knowing the behavior of consumers..

Marketers should fully understand the theory and the reality of consumer behavior, include some of the important facts about consumer and consumer trends in the future, such as PT. Toyota Astra Motor to start-analyze the market trends with planning the best ideal family car Indonesia..

Consumer purchase behavior is actually in influence by cultural factors, social, personal, and psychological..Whereas the factors most influential and most widely are cultural factors..

Cultural Factors

Culture, sub-culture, and social class is very important to purchase behavior..Culture is the determinant of the desire and the behavior of the most basic..Children who are growing get the set of values of the growing, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors from family and other important institutions..

Each culture is made up of a number of sub-culture that is more revealing the special identification and socialization for its members..Sub-culture include nationality, ethnic group, religion, race, group for its members..When sub-culture becomes large and prosperous enough, companies would often devise careful marketing program there..

Social Factors

In addition, cultural factors influence on consumer behavior by social factors, such as reference groups, families, roles, and social status..A reference group consisting of all the groups that have direct or indirect influence on attitudes or behavior of that person..
The family is the most important consumer purchases in the community and the members of the family became the Group’s most influential primary reference..The role and social status a person shows the position of that person every social group who inhabit it..The role includes the activities expected to be performed by a person..Each role generate status..
Example, one that has a role as Manager and higher status of an employee’s Office, where he also has a lot of family and children, of course he would be interested to the product of the car from Toyota, because there is a congruence between the needs and the benefits of Toyota as the best ideal family car Indonesia, he even can also buy expensive clothes as well as his family, bought the mansion for his family and others..
Personal Factors
Buying decisions also influence by personal characteristics..These characteristics include age and stage in the life cycle, occupation, economic circumstances, personality and self concept, as well as the value and lifestyle buyers..
The starting point for understanding consumer behavior is the existence of an economic stimulus, such as marketing, technology, politics, culture..One device psychology combines with characteristics particular to generate consumer decision process and purchasing decisions..Task marketers is to understand what is happening in the consciousness of the consumer between the advent of marketing stimuli with a final buying decision..Four psychological processes (perception, motivation, memory and learning) fundamentally, consumer response to the stimuli affect marketing..
Bibliography:Β Kolter, Philip, Keller, Kevin Lane. 2006. Marketing Management: Twelfth Edition. New Jersey: Pearson Education, inc.




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